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General Purchase Policies

General Purchase Policies

What is the Return Policy for an item once I make a purchased?
Return and Refund policy: No Refunds or Returns on any items, as the items would be considered used.

What is the Return Policy for an item once the items ships?
All items are subject to a 35% restocking fee on all canceled or refused.

Incidence Fees: chargeback, $25 Late fees on all past month subsequent during the non-payment period (see below). Remaining balance returned as store-credit only.

Security Deposit policy for Payment Pans:
I understand my current or past license key will be used to re t debt for all fees, loans. n the case of non-payment, , license key will be deactivated and/or support terminated.

Cancellation policy:
Services and Digital Downloads are non-refundable. Written cancellation is required and applies to the next payment. Prior use and unused portions are non-refundable. to

Credit Card Fee:
To cover the cost of credit card acceptance, we pass on a 3.5% credit card fee. This fee is not more than the cost of
accepting these cards.

Debit Card Fee:
CardX payment system determines the card fee - on most debit cards there is no fee, except Corporate Cards or Business account cards:
There is 3.5% fee for corporate debit cards.

By signing this payment plan agreement, you also agree additional conditions and fees that may be imposed due to surcharges, non-payment, chargebacks, cancellallons,
returns or disputes resolution.

Updated on: 27/10/2021

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