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What classes do I need to take for Diacom NLS?

Before you can access the Diacom NLS Courses, you have to register first to
You can access an article here on how to register. Please click on the link: How-to-register-on-biostarschool.

Please also read the Article on : On-boarding
You can access an article here on how to register. Please click on the image link:

NLS- DIACOM TRAINING has 20 courses to complete. They offer the following:
After the registration and once the payment has been made , you now have a full access to your NLS- DIACOM TRAINING.

FREE Promotional Videos
USA-0-1-Diacom-USA-Experience a Diacom Scan
USA-0-2-Diacom-Diacom NLS Training
USA-0-3-Join the team DIACOM-USA
USA-0-4-Diacom-Cancer Control Expo - 2014
DC-7-0-Diacom-Diacom-USA diagnóstico nls

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Welcome to Diacom
DC-0-0-Welcome To Diacom
DC-0-1-DIACOM Graphs

DC-0-1-Understanding the Features
DC-2-1-Class Room Training p1

Beginners Classroom Training
DC-0-3-Counterfeit Diacom_1.42
DC-2-2-Class Room Training p2
DC-2-3-Class Room Training p3

Training Recap
DC-2-5-Diacom-Basic Training - Recap

Advanced Analysis
DC-4-0-Advanced Analysis - part 1
DC-4-2-Advanced Analysis - part 2
DC-4-3-Advanced Analysis - part 3

Advanced Workshop
DC-5-1-Advanced Workshop - Part 1
DC-5-2-Advanced Workshop - Part 2
DC-6-0-Discover Obsessive Compulsive (OCD)

Updated on: 16/11/2021

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