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What is Houttuynia?

What is houttuynia?
Houttuynia is seen as a detoxifier, cleansing the mucosal system
It is an aromatic medicinal herb belonging to the family Saururaceae and is restricted to specialized moist habitats.

What are the product benefits?
It may enhance Brain Function, improve Immune Function Antiviral / Antifungal / Antibacterial Effects, improve Cell Repair. Radiation Protection, Detoxification, Anti Inflammatory Support Antioxidant Support.

How does it work?
Houttuynia is considered to be an antidotal astringent, diuretic, a mild laxative, anti-inflammatory, urinary antiseptic, analgesic, anti-tussive, and vulnerary. Internally, it is used for anal prolapse, dyspepsia, infectious skin diseases, pernicious malaria, infected sores, snakebites, tumors, cancer, cough, dysentery, enteritis, fever, gastritis, hemoptysis, laryngitis, lung abscess, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, pertusis, hemorrhoids, pharyngitis, chronic uterine or cervical infection, leprospirosis, otitis media, cystitis, urinary infection, and mastitis.

What is the dosage of the capsule?
1-2 capsules per day for maintenance; 4 to 8 capsules per day for therapeutic effects or as prescribed by the practitioner.

Why is houttuynia important?
The medicinal importance of houttuynia is well described in the Chinese system of medicine. It may reduce fever, may ease malnutrition, may help in clearing of body toxins, anti-bacterial and may be used in treatment of lung carbuncles.

Where is the plant used?
The plant is used widely in north-eastern parts of India and China and has been identified as one of the most potential medical and edible plant genetics.

Updated on: 18/11/2021

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