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Common Questions or Errors of your Device with easy fix that you can do it for yourself.

I having issues with my software, what should I do next?
Please send us a message in via Chat and share a brief summary of the issue encountered. We highly recommend if you share a photo, screenshot or a video of the error you encountered for us to easily understand the error you're currently experience. Please avoid sending direct message via Telegram or other means of communication with the employees since not all Telegram messages are recorded and we might lost any conversation you may have.

I am not able to send the Soundfile via Dropbox because the Dropbox icon does not show up in the list «send file», has it been removed?
Yes. Dropbox is for sync and not setup for use.

Biostar Technology - Remote Access Reminders
TeamViewer Reminders:
Make sure that you've downloaded getTV.exe
You may also download TeamViewer via links: or
make sure to connect your device and leave it on together with the PC/Laptop
kindly remove your PC/Laptop's PIN or Password for us to easily connect when doing the installs or for any technical support requests

Difference between TV and TeamViewer 12 is install from TeamViewer
Teamviewer_12 - is my installation (sometimes doesn't work because of windows antivirus or permissions)

Updated on: 16/09/2022

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