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Warning: Singularity (Biophillia) Fakes

Biostar understands that Singularity Technology Co. Ltd and Sales Representatives as Individuals is producing, marketing, offering for sale, and/or selling medical devices that not only use Biostar’s trademarks but also run on Biostar’s propriety software. It is well known that all manufacturers of the relevant goods in China have incorporated Biostar’s software into their medical devices. These manufacturers have, in many cases, obscured the origin of Biostar’s software by giving it an alternate name. The stolen software installed on the relevant devices by these manufacturers does not run certified drivers and contains no copyright information or license information. These attempts to hide the origin of the software do not change the fact that it infringes upon Biostar’s copyrights.

Will I still be able to return the fake device I got?
Technically, you will need to return the equipment and need a tracking number. Afterwards put in a PayPal dispute.
Once PayPal sees that you returned it, they will have to process the refund.

For more information, you may visit: PayPal Legit Check App

Updated on: 14/12/2021

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