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How to have Access on NEX Quickstart

This Quickstart lesson is designed to get you up and running out of the box with a quick lesson on how to identify all the parts of your system

How to Access NEX Quickstart:

Step 1:
Login to your Account. If you are not registered yet, please go and visit to register. But when you already have your own login and password, go to the Main Dashboard, Click on ALL COURSES (which is shown in the image below)

Step 2:
Click on the NEX Quickstart, and click Enroll in Course and fill out the needed information

Step 3: You can now have full access to the course and would allow you to learn all the basic information you need to learn with Biostar NLS. This NEX Quickstart Offers the following Curriculum with 38 lessons to compelete:

End-User License Agreement
End User License Agreement
Setup Overview
Front of Biostar NLS Unit
Back of Biostar NLS Unit
License and Registration
Teamviewer and Support
Telegram and Support
Program Overview
Starting the Program
Login to the Program
EULA Acceptance
Best Practice using the Program
Startup of the Program
Common Error Message
Main Start of Page
Scan Review Form (PDF)
How to Scan a New Client
Scan Review Form
Client Database Screen
Required User Data
Adding the User Data
Starting the Scan
Putting on the Headphones
Scanning A Client FAQ
Start The Scan - Preview
Start Scan
Error - Bioinductors Out Of Order
While the Scan is Running
META Therapy
Choose Low Energy Symbols
Starting META Compensation
META Compensation Map
META Therapy Mode
Negative META Overview
META (-) Decompensate Mode
PreScan Waiver
Scan before next Module

If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us at and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Updated on: 04/11/2021

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