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What are the Courses offered by Biostar School?

Biostar Technology International is the Global Leader of Health Technology. We offer a wide variety of courses that you can enroll and learn at your own pace at the comfort of your home. Our video courses are the best with new courses added regularly.

These are the following Courses that we offer :

CHNC- Fundamentals to Bio energetics
NEX -Quick Start
NLS -DIACOM Training
NLS-Energy Analysis
NLS-Energy Symbols
NLS-Advanced Analysis

QRS-Quick Start
CNHC-What is the Quantum Field?
CNHC-Quantum State Defined
QRS-Color Levels
QRS-Color Tuning Mode
QRS-Food Sensitivity Testing
QRS-Quantum Advanced

Other Courses Offered:
Bootcamp QRS 2019
Bootcamp QRS 2020
CNHC Biostar Consulting 2021
CNHC - What is Sound Frequency?
CNHC - Fundamentals to BioEnergetics
CNHC Observations
CNHC Face, Tongue and Nail Analysis
CNHC - Fundamentals to Face Reading
CHNC Bio nutritionals Herbs
CHNC Soluna (German Spagyric Remedies)
CNHC Muscle Resonance Testing
CNHC Iridology Training
CNHC – What is Bio resonance?
CNHC – Blood Type Diet
QRS-Super Color Tuning
Bootcamp NLS 2019
Bootcamp NLS 2020
LUX- Pulse Laser Watch FREE COURSE!!
LUX- Laser Helmet FREE COURSE!!
CHNC Sound Fundamentals
SBX Bootcamp 2020
SBX Sound Biotics Professional
Soundbiotics 2021 FREE COURSE!!
SBX - Oneness Sound Assistant
SBX - BioTuner Sound Matrix

We also offer bundle courses at a very reasonable price

+DCS Diacom Expert - Bundle
+NLS - Biostar PRO - Training Bundle
+QRS - Biostar Q - Training Bundle
+NEX Nexius Expert - Bundle
+VEC - Vector XP - Bundle
+VEC - Vector Expert - Bundle
+SBX - SoundBiotics PRO- Bundle
Biostar Certified Nonlinear Health Consultant
+QRS Bootcamp Bundle
+NLS Bootcamp Bundle

If you have any questions, concerns and clarifications, please feel free to contact us at and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Updated on: 26/10/2021

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