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Step by Step Process on How to Gain Access to Vector Manuals

This is a guide on how to gain access to your Vector Manuals:

Step 1: In the web browser of your choice ( Chrome, Firefox, etc. ) type or simply click the link: and it should take you to this page that is seen below:

Please take note that this page has almost the same content with the Biostar School but It is completely different because this will only give you access to the Online Manuals

Step 2: To Register, click SIGN UP NOW

Step 3: Fill out all the information needed in the form. Please use an active email address and do not forget the password you used in creating your account. After filling out the all the needed information, click " I AM NOT A ROBOT"

Step 4: Then Click the "SIGN UP" Button just below the "I AM NOT A ROBOT" box

Step 5: After clicking the sign up button, you are automatically logged in to your account, just like what you will see in the image below.

Step 6: Congratulations! You are already signed up to the To gain access to the Manuals, Please send a confirmation message to the Biostar School Admin so she can properly assist you in accessing the Manual, or wait for around 24 hours.

You can contact her in Telegram: @pretzieomega
Send Email to
or you can open a ticket to

Step 7: Once you already get a confirmation from the admin, you can now re-login by visiting the link: you , then go directly to the SIGN IN button which is located to the upper left area of your screen ( refer to the image below)

When USING A MOBILE PHONE/ IPADs or TABLET, there were some that the sign in button is hidden under the three lines located at the upper right corner of the screen ( see image below) . Click the three lines, then click SIGN IN and login now by using the email address and the password you created earlier.

Step 8: When already in your log in page just like in the image below, click ALL COURSES.

and now you have an access to the Online Manual-

For any concerns, or clarifications about this article, please feel free to contact us at Telegram: @pretzieomega or you can file a ticket at and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Updated on: 20/07/2022

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