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How to have Access on QRS- Super Color Tuning and Color Tuning Module

We offer two courses for Color Tuning, the QRS- Super Color Tuning and QRS Color Tuning Module, Please follow the steps in order to gain access

Step 1

You have to have a account first, If you are new to this, please click on the link below to guide you with your registration:

Sign in to your Account. The Sign In Icon is located at the upper right corner of your screen.

Step 2

Fill out the needed information and click on Login to continue

Step 3

Click on all Courses, Scan and you can find QRS- Super Color Tuning and QRS- Color Tuning Module

Click on which course you want to enroll first and you are good to go.

QRS- Super Color Tuning offers the following curriculum with 14 lessons to complete:

Promotional Video
PlasmaSaal Health Center (Croatia) featuring Biostar LUX
Setup Example
Video Walk-Thru
1. SCT - Introduction
2. SCT - Balance (demo)
3. SCT - Running Analysis
4. SCT - After Balance Options
5. SCT - Projections (Coming Soon)
6. SCT - Remedy Test
7. SCT - Regulation Analysis
8. SCT - Energetic Analysis
9. SCT - Psychosomatic Analysis
10. SCT - Standard Programs
Bonus Content
Biostar-LUX helmet 40Hz Therapy
Super ColorTuning

QRS- Color Tuning Module offers the following curiculum:

CT Color Tuning
CT Training Download
The Observer Effect
Download Color Chart
CT VIBA Tuning
Connection State
VIBA Color
Chakra Balance
CT Tuning Walk-thru
CT Color Programs
CT Program - Broadcasting
CT Program - Walk-thru
CT Projections
CT Projections - Programs
CT Projections - VIBA
CT Projections - Walk-thru
Sound Room
Run - Sound Room Report
Combine SoundBiotics
AUX Design
AUX Attachments
Using AUX

If you have any questions, clarification or any suggestions, Please feel free to contact us at and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Updated on: 11/11/2021

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