We offer two courses for Color Tuning, the QRS- Super Color Tuning and QRS Color Tuning Module, Please follow the steps in order to gain access

Step 1

You have to have a biostarschool.com account first, If you are new to this, please click on the link below to guide you with your registration:


Sign in to your Biostarschool.com Account. The Sign In Icon is located at the upper right corner of your screen.

Step 2

Fill out the needed information and click on Login to continue

Step 3

Click on all Courses, Scan and you can find QRS- Super Color Tuning and QRS- Color Tuning Module

Click on which course you want to enroll first and you are good to go.

QRS- Super Color Tuning offers the following curriculum with 14 lessons to complete:

Promotional Video
PlasmaSaal Health Center (Croatia) featuring Biostar LUX
Setup Example
Video Walk-Thru
1. SCT - Introduction
2. SCT - Balance (demo)
3. SCT - Running Analysis
4. SCT - After Balance Options
5. SCT - Projections (Coming Soon)
6. SCT - Remedy Test
7. SCT - Regulation Analysis
8. SCT - Energetic Analysis
9. SCT - Psychosomatic Analysis
10. SCT - Standard Programs
Bonus Content
Biostar-LUX helmet 40Hz Therapy
Super ColorTuning

QRS- Color Tuning Module offers the following curiculum:

CT Color Tuning
CT Training Download
The Observer Effect
Download Color Chart
CT VIBA Tuning
Connection State
VIBA Color
Chakra Balance
CT Tuning Walk-thru
CT Color Programs
CT Program - Broadcasting
CT Program - Walk-thru
CT Projections
CT Projections - Programs
CT Projections - VIBA
CT Projections - Walk-thru
Sound Room
Run - Sound Room Report
Combine SoundBiotics
AUX Design
AUX Attachments
Using AUX

If you have any questions, clarification or any suggestions, Please feel free to contact us at https://contact.nlshelp.com/ and we will be more than happy to assist you.
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